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           Pearl Sanders Duffalo (1918-2008)
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Announcing Kaylee Grace Biconik   

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Joe Duffalo's Trip to Jakubany with Pictures of the Village 

Statistical analysis of Jakubany Surnames Baptism/Births file 1772 - July 2004

Jakubany Records - Website of Ron Cieslak
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Jakubany Heritage Trip Sept 2005 Photo Album (click here)

Pictures of the Village
Pictures of Slovak People & Places
Slovak Websites

TCCWEB (The Carpathian Connection) - Jakubany

Jakubany Group on Yahoo

"Ahoj, This group is for people who live in the village of Jakubany in Slovakia, people from Jakubany, and people whose ancestors came from Jakubany . Feel free to post letters, leave notices, information, and pictures. Feel free to use English, Rusyn, Slovak, Old Church Slavonic, or any language used in the village. The whole idea is communication." ~~ Colin P. Varga

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Other Duffalo Families

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